Community Talk change stories

The following stories either existing or newly proposed initiatives, illustrate the social framework in action.

Bridging Gaps

Increasing Affordability

What if … there was a way to combine local efforts to better support those who are fleeing violence and need local housing that is affordable?

  • A Safe Place, Heartland Housing Foundation, and two local churches are partnering to provide stable, affordable housing while women and their children start a new, violence-free chapter in their lives. A Safe Place provides emotional support to the mother, while Heartland Housing Foundation will lease the home and act as property manager. The churches will provide a rent supplement that will make the home affordable for the family in transition.

Community Hub

Increasing Access to Programs and Services

What if … there was a single location in Strathcona County where someone could help you navigate and recommend services and supports that best address your needs?

  • Strathcona County is exploring a ‘community hub’ model of services to better meet our community’s needs. This one-stop shop could be a physical location as well as a virtual online portal, where social support and information would be available to citizens when and where they need it.

Collective Action on Risk

Increasing Safety

What if … multiple partners in our community could combine efforts and resources to address issues before they escalate?

  • The Violence Threat Risk Assessment model is a community-based approach to safety, made possible through an innovative partnership between Elk Island Public and Elk Island Catholic School Boards, RCMP, and others. This initiative is designed to identify and prevent youth violence before it escalates. Partners work together alongside youth to address any concerning behaviours before they escalate to violent ones.

Anxiety Support Group Increasing

Connectedness and Inclusion

What if … a couple of citizens who have had their own struggles with mental health used their learning and wisdom to support others who are struggling with the same thing?

  • Dealing with mental health issues can be a lonely and isolating experience, and no one knows this better than people who have experienced it themselves. The Sherwood Park Anxiety Support Group is convened by community members every month to create a network of support. By providing a safe and non-judgemental environment, the support group aims to break the stigma that mental health issues should be kept silent. A local church is providing the meeting space, free of charge, and the group continues to grow in membership.

For a full listing of the change stories download your copy of the social framework document.

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