Strathcona County relies on state-of-the-art technology to keep traffic moving smoothly. Traffic engineers and technologists operate and monitor traffic flows using specialized traffic analysis software, advance traffic management systems, video detection equipment, and traffic control devices.

Although traffic signals may seem simple, in reality, their management and operation are very complex. Small changes in one part of the transportation network impacts other areas; therefore, decisions made in traffic signal operation must consider all road users. 

There are approximately 88 traffic signals that Strathcona County owns and operates.

Image of traffic signals along arterial road in Sherwood Park


Left-turn lane changes

Two vehicles driving through dual turning lane.

At several County intersections, you will notice that dual left-turn lanes have been changed to single lanes. Drivers turning left at these intersections will now be able to do so for the duration of a green light, instead of during a green arrow light only.   

As seen in the photo above, when two vehicles are turning at the same time, sightlines can be restricted. Consequently, collisions in dual left-turn lanes are more frequent and severe than in single turn lanes.

In Strathcona County, there are several intersections that have less traffic volume and do not warrant double left-turn bays at this time.

By changing these intersections to single-lane only left turns with protected permissive signals (green arrow and green ball lights), we can defer the need to install protected only (green arrow only) left turn signals in order to maintain the efficiency of traffic flow and reduce wait times. These intersections will be monitored to ensure results are as expected.

The County will continue to upgrade the left turn signals to “protected only” for remaining locations with dual left-turn lanes.

Left-turn lane changes

Signal coordination and timing

Signal length

Vehicle detection at traffic signals

Pedestrian signals

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