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The Social Framework is a platform to unlock the ingenuity of the community.

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The world has changed dramatically over the past decade. Social and economic challenges have increased in complexity. Unexpected events like the COVID-19 pandemic are projected to have long-term impacts such as mental health challenges. These changes have underscored that we need new ways of working together through uncertainty for greater social impact. 

Since 2017, Strathcona County’s Social Framework has been our shared direction to guide collective social action.  


The 2021 Social Framework Evaluation highlights: 

  • A shared commitment across leaders, systems and residents to think and work together for greater community-wide impact
  • Numerous evidence-informed collaborations and initiatives that address shared outcomes and underlying root cause
  • Nimble, innovative and coordinated responses to unexpected community events
  • A heightened focus on broader systems level-initiatives in support of community safety and well-being. 

Implementing the Social Framework has demonstrated that together we can create a supported, safe, and connected community. 

Below is a brief overview of the Social Framework journey to date including impacts for Strathcona County residents and families.

Community Talk 

In fall of 2016, Family and Community Services started a conversation with in the community to find out what mattered most to residents. The Community Talk public engagement process engaged with almost 8,000 people who live and work in Strathcona County.  

Four priority outcomes emerged through this engagement: 

  1. Affordability 
  2. Access to programs and services 
  3. Safety 
  4. Overall feelings of connectedness and inclusion 

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The Social Framework and the Social Framework Leadership Table 

Community Talk outcomes signalled a need to shift how we work together as a community on what matters most to residents.  

Community leaders from across Strathcona County’s non-profit, private and public sectors came together to craft the Social Framework. They defined new ways of thinking and working together for collective impact. This Leadership Table has continued to meet, undertaking small and large collaborations as well as strategic initiatives to address Social Framework outcomes.  

Social Framework Evaluation: Winding Road to Impact 

In 2021, an evaluation of Social Framework implementation was completed to review progress on and impacts of the Social Framework. 

Findings show that the Social Framework has:

  • Supported a cultural shift in how organizations think and work together for community-wide impact
  • Fostered shared principles in service delivery and in collaboration 
  • Fostered a network of trust relationships which has enhanced community resiliency and enabled community leaders to lean into uncertainty.


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