Transit Master Plan update 2023

Strathcona County is working on an update to our Transit Master Plan. The update will guide the County’s transit operations forward into the next 10-20 years and will build on the strengths of our current plan. The update will include analysis and planning for a post-pandemic era so we can adapt to the changing needs and priorities of our community. Dillon Consulting Limited has been retained to complete this work.

Find out more about the consultation process on our County Voice Transit Master Plan page

Transit Master Plan 2019 is complete

Transit Master Plan 2019 (8.4 MB)

On February 26, 2019, Strathcona County Council approved a Transit Master Plan that provides direction on the planning and delivery of County transit service over the next 10 years. Transit will use its master plan as a guide to develop detailed business plans through its annual planning and budget process. As transportation needs within Strathcona County evolve over the next 10-years, the goal of the new plan is to allow Transit to remain customer-focused and flexible to meet our community's needs.

Key highlights of the 2019 Transit Master Plan include exploring ‘Dynamic Transit’ service, which will provide a better and more cost-effective on-demand shared local ride service. In addition, public feedback led to direction to look at improving evening service at the University of Alberta, as well as the connection to NAIT in Edmonton.

The Transit Master Plan notes the upcoming need to provide service to new approved growth areas in Strathcona County. The plan also capitalizes on the opportunity to look at expanding transit’s role in coordinating various mobility options such as fixed-route service, Mobility Bus (specialized transit) service, ride sharing, car sharing, and carpool coordination.

Additional actions include identifying cost effective opportunities to improve mobility for residents in rural areas, while continuing to improve service to meet the growing needs of the community.

Public feedback, from transit users and non-users, was key to ensuring the Transit Master Plan continues to meet the public transportation needs of the community. Throughout an extensive public engagement process,  which began in winter 2018, feedback about transit service was collected at focus group discussions, meetings with Council, advisory committees, County departments, transit staff, and various stakeholders. The project also included 13 public engagement events, online surveys, and a number of supportive activities designed to generate interest, awareness, and meaningful conversations about the future of Strathcona County transit services.  

What is a Transit Master Plan?

A Transit Master Plan (TMP) is an effective tool used to manage periods of growth and change over a five to ten year period. Its primary purpose is to establish a forward-thinking vision of how Strathcona County Transit will most effectively service our community based on community values and input. Through this vision, a strategy will be developed outlining key initiatives that will effectively contribute to implementing the vision. These initiatives will be prioritized and staged to fit within the budget process of Strathcona County. The TMP also serves as an important communication tool to clearly articulate goals, roles and actions required over the next  ten years to the public, members of council, and staff. 

The 2019 Transit Master Plan for Strathcona County Transit builds on the previous 2012 Transit Master Plan, focused on a new vision and new strategic directions that responds to both external changes and builds on the prior success of the previous Transit Master Plan.

Engagement with members of the community forms a critical part of this process and we encourage you to participate and provide your input often.

What did the TMP Review look at?

The Transit Master Plan looked at the future Strathcona County Transit service, including the Mobility Bus service for persons with disabilities, local transit services within Sherwood Park, rural transit service throughout Strathcona County and commuter bus service to and from Edmonton. The plan makes recommendations on the structure and design of routes and services, the frequency of service, the hours of service and passenger amenities. This processes has helped to development of key performance standards and design guidelines through community input and assessment of existing service quality and performance.  

Why was Transit doing this?

Strathcona County Transit’s  first Transit Master Plan was first adopted in 2012 with a commitment to  review community needs approximately every five years to ensure that SCT is aligned with the overall vision and strategy directions of the County government and residents. These evolve over time and SCT must update its TMP in order to provide transit service as effectively as possible.

Transit Master Plan 2018 review

Learn about the engagement process that informed the Transit Master Plan 2018 review.

Previous Transit Master Plan

The Transit Master Plan covers the needs of the rural areas of the County as well as the urban service area of Sherwood Park up to 2012 and is a critical policy and strategic planning document. It provides a well-defined vision and strategic direction for all Transit services and a set of strategies to address future transit needs of the community. The Transit Master Plan was developed with extensive consultation of the community, both from stakeholders and non-stakeholders.

Summary of recommendations(7 pages)

Final report (224 pages)

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