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Transit Master Plan Draft Recommendations Oct 2018 (1.3 MB)  Please read before taking our survey

Transit master Plan Draft recommendations - full report (2.2 MB)  Draft recommendations, full report

Strathcona County TMP Update - DRAFT Working Paper #1 - Existing Conditions (4.2 MB)

Transit Master Plan 2018 Review

Strathcona County has engaged Dillon Consulting Limited to assist in updating its Transit Master Plan (TMP), first adopted in 2012. The updated plan will identify a vision and strategic directions on the future of transit services in Strathcona County over the next ten years. The proposed recommendations are based on the County’s vision and strategic goals, community input, and assessment of existing service quality and performance, industry best practices, and future mobility needs.   

What is a Transit Master Plan?

A Transit Master Plan (TMP) is an effective tool used to manage periods of growth and change over a five to ten year period. Its primary purpose is to establish a forward-thinking vision of how Strathcona County Transit will most effectively service our community based on community values and input. Through this vision, a strategy will be developed outlining key initiatives that will effectively contribute to implementing the vision. These initiatives will be prioritized and staged to fit within the budget process of Strathcona County. The TMP also serves as an important communication tool to clearly articulate goals, roles and actions required over the next  ten years to the public, members of council, and staff. 

The 2018 Transit Master Plan for Strathcona County Transit builds on the previous 2012 Transit Master Plan, focused on a new vision and new strategic directions that responds to both external changes and builds on the prior success of the previous Transit Master Plan.

Engagement with members of the community forms a critical part of this process and we encourage you to participate and provide your input often.

What will the TMP Review look at?

The Transit Master Plan will look at the future Strathcona County Transit service, including the Mobility Bus service for persons with disabilities, local transit services within Sherwood Park, rural transit service throughout Strathcona County and commuter bus service to and from Edmonton. The plan will make recommendations on the structure and design of routes and services, the frequency of service, the hours of service and passenger amenities.  This will be based on the development of key performance standards and design guidelines, community input and assessment of existing service quality and performance.  

Why is Transit doing this?

Strathcona County Transit’s Transit Master Plan was first adopted in 2012 and calls for it to be updated approximately every five years to ensure that SCT is aligned with the overall vision and strategy directions of the County government and residents. These evolve over time and SCT must update its TMP in order to provide transit service as effectively as possible.


Round two engagement:

After our second round of engagement October 22 - Nov 19, 2018 asking for feed bacon the draft recommendations, transits is happy to report that we had more than 250 contact with individuals and organization, and more than 250 responses to our survey. We hosted seven open houses throughout Sherwood Park and Ardrossan, as well as a number of stakeholder meeting and focus groups between October 22 and November 2. The survey was available online from October 23 - November 19 Based on this feedback Dillon Consulting has gone back to complete their final recommendations that will be brought forward to Council in early 2019.

Thank you to everyone who read the recommendations, came out to an event and provided their feedback.

Round one Engagement:

Thank you to everyone who came out to our interactive open houses. We have had a great response and collected a lot of ideas from our community. Our consultants, Dillon Consulting, will take this feedback and use it to help craft the draft proposal Transit Master Plan they will present in early fall. At that time, we will go back for feedback on the proposal.

  • Transit hosted seven open houses - 3 rural and 4 within Sherwood Park
  • We spoke with more than 250 individuals at these event
  • Transit hosted multiple stakeholder meetings including residents, community groups, County departments, staff and council.
  • The survey reached more than 1000 unique users

Online Transit Survey

The survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded to the second round engagement Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2018


Graphic indicating the four phases of the project: 1 - establishing needs - winter 2018, 2 - setting policy and framework, 3 - developing plans, 4 - finalizing plan and recommendations - fall 2018

Contact us

Your comments are both welcomed and encouraged throughout the study.  Please send comments or questions regarding this study to:

Dennis Kar, Project Manager

Dillon Consulting Limited
Tel: 1-877-934-5566 Ext. 2465
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Past engagement opportunities

  • Transit Customer Satisfaction Survey: March 1-6 2016
  • Transit Market Research: March 9-30 2015
  • Transit Fare Study: February 2014 to June 2016
  • Dial-A-Bus Customer Survey: 2014
  • New Service Plan: March 2013 to September 2014
  • Double-Decker Pilot Project: September 2010 to December 2011
  • Transit Master Plan: February 2010 to March 2012

Information about public engagement in Strathcona County 

Strathcona County recognizes the growing demand for public engagement and the value of public contribution to decision making. The County supports public engagement that is honest, transparent and accessible. Click here for a listing of current public engagement opportunities  with Strathcona County.

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