Bremner House

Image of Bremner Mansion.

Bremner House is located in Strathcona County, northeast of Sherwood Park.

  • The house is located on 80 acres on Township 53452 Range Road 225, 2.25 miles north of the Yellowhead Highway 16.
  • Built around 1912 or 1913 by Charles Bremner, the house is 5,400 square feet.
  • Other buildings include a shop and garage, and a Quonset storage shed.
  • The surrounding land is leased out for farming.

Strathcona County purchased the Bremner House in 2004 to preserve a piece of the community's heritage for future generations.

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Brief history
J.C.C. (James Charles Chatterton) Bremner, born in 1867, emigrated to Canada from Scotland, and took up a homestead at Clover Bar in October 1885. He and his wife were the main residents of Bremner House from about 1913 to 1928.

The house was purchased by William Schroter in 1929. The Schroter's had 10 children. They had a dairy and grain farm. Horses and then steam engines and thrashers were used in farming, until they switched to tractors in the 1950s. The children went to the nearest school, East Clover Bar.

Local farmers established a creamery, butter and cheese factory at Bremner Corner (corner of Highways 21 and 16) in 1906. A post office and other amenities were eventually located here.

Future plans
Bremner House will be a multi-use facility that portrays the story of the settlement and history of agriculture and rural culture in the area. The site will also shed light on the lives of the residents (Bremner and Schroter families), from 1900 to the early 1950s.

Plans to restore and develop the site
(Note: All construction and restoration work is subject to annual budget planning and Council approval.)


  • Heritage Site Master Plan completed
  • Restoration Plan completed

2009 and 2010

  • Restoration of veranda and conservator

2011 and 2012

The restoration crew has completed the following conservation projects.

  • Re-roofing of the upper floor roofs with cedar shingles (the original roofing material)
  • Restoration of the masonry brick work on the walls and on the three chimneys
  • Repair and refinishing of the original wood soffits and fascias
  • Restoration of the conservatory windows and entrance doors
  • Re-instatement of the original 2nd floor balcony
  • Removal and replacement of lightening protection

This work brings the exterior building envelope work to a close and provides protection from the elements for the house.

Protection and maintenance

Strathcona County will conduct ongoing maintenance and ensure protection of the house and site.

Public input and information

  • Public focus groups were held in October 2005 to determine future uses of Bremner House
  • Other stakeholders (historical groups, educators, special interest groups, members of the public, etc.) were consulted in 2006 and 2008

A black and white photo of the Bremner House

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