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How assessment value is set

Assessment value is based on what similar properties have sold for in the open market. This is called a market value estimate. The amount of property tax you pay is based on your assessment.

The Property Assessment Mapping Tool shows you the information used to determine your property assessment value. You can also use the tool to compare properties or get a list of comparable property sales from the last two years.

Information included in the assessment

Assessment factors include:

  • location
  • lot size
  • type of property (e.g.: residential)
  • type of building (e.g.: bungalow or two-storey)
  • amenities and improvements (finished basement, fireplace, garage, etc.)
  • year built
  • approximate living area
  • effective age or building condition - this factor is affected by the replacement or non-replacement of property components such as doors, windows, roofing, flooring, paint, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, counter tops, furnace, hot water heaters, etc.

Market value

Not every sale reflects market value, which is the expected price a property would sell for in a competitive market. We look at the following when deciding if a sale reflects market value:

  • Were the seller and buyer related?
  • Was the seller under pressure to sell the property quickly?
  • Were there special financing arrangements that may have affected the sale price?
  • Was the property exposed to the open market?

Sales that do not meet the market value standard are not shown in the Comparable Sales Report.

Comparable sales

The Comparable Sales Report shows you what properties similar to yours have sold for over the past two years. The following characteristics are used to find comparable sales:

  • year built
  • neighbourhood
  • house structure (e.g.: bungalow or two-storey)
  • living area

The report shows only the 10 most recent sales that meet the market value standard. Sales are updated by February 28 each year.

Please note that property assessments are based on more detail than what is shown in the Comparable Sales Report, so your assessed value may not match the sale values shown.

Reviewing or changing assessment information

If there is incorrect information showing for your property, or if you do not agree with your property assessment, make an assessment inquiry through County Connect.

If, after talking to an assessor, you still feel your assessment is incorrect, you can file a complaint.

Phone: 780-464-8196

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