The Rural Road Rehabilitation program includes improvements to maintain to the quality and safety of rural grid roads and country residential roads.

Visit the CountyWorks construction web map to see what projects are planned.

Image of construction sign set up on a rural road

What to expect

Phase 1 - Base reconstruction

  • Information signs will be posted to let you know when the base repair work will begin.
  • This work will involve the rubblizing the existing roadway and applying a powdered Portland cement mixed with water to any areas of the road that require base strengthening. These areas will then be sealed with oil to protect the base until it is surfaced.

Phase 2 - Paving

  • A contractor will construct a new asphalt surface within approximately one week after Phase 1 is complete, weather permitting.
  • The paving process typically takes 3-5 days to complete.

Phase 3 - Approach blending and cleanup

  • Within one week after Phase 2 (weather permitting), County crews will blend all approaches to eliminate the small edge that will be left when the new surface is applied. Driveways will be blended using the same material that currently exists in the driveway.
  • Topsoil will be added as needed to tie-in the ditches, and debris will be removed from the area.

Please note: Weather can cause unexpected delays. Although we strive to maintain schedules, timeline changes may be required.

Further information:

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Phone: 780-417-7100
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