Enforcement at intersections

Intersections are the number one priority for enforcement efforts in Strathcona County. RCMP and Enforcement Services regularly patrol stop signs to increase driver awareness and compliance.

Traffic light camera

Intersection Safety Devices (red light/speed on green cameras)

In an effort to decrease collisions, Strathcona County uses Intersection Safety Devices (ISDs) at several major intersections.

  • Wye Road and Ordze Road (westbound
  • Wye Road and Sherwood Drive (eastbound)
  • Wye Road and Brentwood Boulevard (east and westbound)
  • Wye Road and Clover Bar Road (eastbound)
  • Baseline Road and Broadmoor Boulevard (westbound)
  • Baseline Road and Sherwood Drive (west and southbound)
  • Baseline Road and Clover Bar Road (westbound)
  • Sherwood Drive and Fir Street (southbound)
  • NEW: Sherwood Drive and Granada Boulevard/Festival Way (north, south and westbound)
  • NEW: Baseline Road and 17 Street (east and westbound)
  • Coming soon: Baseline Road and 17 Street (north and southbound)



Registered vehicle owners will receive violation ticket(s) when:

  • Entering the intersection when the light is red,
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit, and/or
  • Failing to come to a complete stop at a red light before turning right.


Check the Frequently Asked Questions about Intersection Safety Devices.



In Alberta, the Solicitor General provides very specific guidelines for automated enforcement use and evaluation requirements.

Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology Guidelines

In the County

Strathcona County has developed additional to ensure ISDs in our community are safety-focused, transparent and accountable. These guidelines define a more rigorous site selection process and evaluation process.

Site selection

ISDs are only one tool to improve intersection safety. When a high collision location is identified, a full review done to identify all potential actions that can improve safety, according to Strathcona County's Intersection Safety Action Plan (1.7 MB)

For detailed information, read:  Intersection Safety Device Program (513.8 KB)  


The Solicitor General Strathcona requires a full audit of the County’s ISD program every three years to ensure compliance with provincial regulation.

Further to Solicitor General requirements, Strathcona County monitors collision trends and violation statistics at all ISD locations to ensure ISDs are having the desired safety benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions about automated red light and speed detection cameras

RCMP and Enforcement Services
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