Social Summit

Social Summit: From Isolation to Connection

Social Summit: From Isolation to Connection 

Strathcona County’s inaugural Social Summit on social issues and community connection │December 9-10, 2019

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About the Social Summit 

Strathcona County Family and Community Services will be hosting the inaugural Social Summit: From Isolation to Connection, on December 9–10, 2019 in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

The conference creates a space for community practitioners, innovators and change agents like you to think and learn about loneliness and social isolation: an emerging public health crisis at the root of our society’s most challenging problems. Come and join other community leaders in listening with your mind and heart. You'll be equipped with the tools you need to take action in your work, in your community, and your life.

Social isolation as a public health crisis

Society is more connected than ever before, but individuals are feeling increasingly alone. Loneliness and social isolation are increasingly recognized as public health issues that have adverse effects on physical and mental health, and overall wellbeing (source: Government of Ontario, Connected Communities1 report). Individuals who are socially isolated have an increased likelihood of early mortality when compared to those who have strong community connections1. Furthermore, social isolation is a known risk factor for a variety of adverse health conditions, including depression and dementia.  

The importance of connected communities 

There are prevalent links between an individual’s community connection and overall health. Individuals who experience a strong sense of community belonging are observed to experience good mental and general health and are less susceptible to chronic conditions1. The benefits of connected communities are not only found at the individual level. Communities, where people feel connected, have less crime, experience positive economic growth, and are more likely to work collaboratively to address systemic issues1.


Strathcona County Community Centre - Agora room
401 Festival Ln, Sherwood Park, AB

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