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Please complete the application form and submit it to by May 1, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Please call 780-416-7271 if we have not replied with a received message within 3 days of submission.

Limited spots available. You will be contacted regarding interviews once applications close.

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Summer Leaders in Training program

Summer 2023 Leaders in Training dates:

  • March 1: Applications open
  • May 1: Applications close at 11:59 p.m.
  • May 31: Program payment due ($150)
  • June 24 - 25: LIT Training (mandatory)

The link to the application form will be available on this webpage beginning March 1.

The Leaders in Training (LIT) program is designed for youth 12-17 years old (must have completed grade 7) who are looking to develop their leadership skills in a fun and positive environment. 

The program provides opportunities to meet new friends, plan and implement games, as well as build meaningful relationships with participants and instructors. Through mentorship, training, and earning increased responsibility in a work-like environment; LITs will gain invaluable experiences, which will allow a head start in pursuing future leadership and employment endeavours. 

The LIT Program operates during the months of July and August, with mandatory training at the end of June. Participants will have the opportunity to assist in four areas within the department of Recreation, Parks and Culture. These four areas are preschool, youth, performing arts and visual arts. They will assist in a variety of programs and participate in activities such as sports, active indoor/outdoor games, swimming, drama, arts and crafts. 

LIT program levels

Throughout the program, LITs have the opportunity to progress through levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. All participants will start the program at level 1. At the end of each summer, the LIT Coordinators will make recommendations on whether the LIT will move to the next level or repeat the same level the following year.  

We follow this system to ensure that all individuals within the program can enjoy success and are given appropriate responsibility, consistent with their leadership development. We recognize that each participant develops their leadership skills at their own pace and we want to accommodate this in a positive and supportive environment.

    • Commit to a minimum of two week long assigned programs.  

    • Plan and lead at least one game and one activity/craft per week with adequate support from an instructor.  

    • Assist program instructors and demonstrate the skills, characteristics and abilities required to progress to Level 2.

    • Commit to a minimum of two week long assigned programs.  

    • Plan and lead at least two games and one activity/craft per week with little support from an instructor.  

    • Increased responsibility while assisting program instructors plus demonstrated skills, characteristics and abilities required to progress to Level 3.

    • Commit to a minimum of two week long assigned programs. 

    • Plan and lead at least one game per day and two activities/crafts per week. 

    • Mentor Levels 1 and 2 LIT participants. 

    • Demonstrate the skills, characteristics and abilities required to progress to Level 4. 

    • Commit to a minimum of two week long assigned programs. 

    • Challenged to plan and lead half of the camp games, crafts and activities throughout the week. 

    • Contribute to the instructor team as an equal and collaborate with the instructor team daily. 

    • Mentor level 1, 2 and 3 LIT participants. 

    • Demonstrate the skills, characteristics and abilities required to successfully and independently lead activities in camp and graduate from the program.

Program benefits

  • Celebrate success at a wrap-up party. 
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of leadership roles. 
  • Develop and improve leadership and communication skills. 
  • Work in a positive team environment. 
  • Network and build meaningful relationships. 
  • Be an exemplary role model. 
  • Improve ability to adapt and overcome a variety of obstacles. 
  • Introduction to Strathcona County’s guest services approach and provided the opportunity to apply and practice it. 
  • Familiarity of Strathcona County facilities and programs. 
  • Opportunity to assist in Youth registered programs throughout the rest of the year and receive an honorarium for hard work. 
  • Receive a personalized reference letter. 
  • Spend the summer meeting new friends and having fun!

Common questions

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