The current Open Space and Recreation Facility Strategy (OSRFS) will be transitioned to the new Recreation and Culture Strategy. Current master plans and strategies under the umbrella of OSRFS will continue to be implemented. As a living and dynamic strategy, the OSRFS provided guidance and direction for the provision of publicly funded recreation and culture spaces and places from 2008 to 2023 through a short, medium and a long-term phased approach. As we enter into the final phase of the OSRFS, the focus has shifted into transitioning to the new Recreation and Culture Strategy as part of reassessing the changing needs and priorities of the community. The new strategy will expand OSRFS’s focus on revitalizing and introducing new indoor and open space infrastructure to include a more holistic view of recreation and culture priorities in the community.

OSRFS strategy

Upcoming public engagement

As planning for specific projects proceed, various levels of public engagement will occur with invested partners, community organizations and residents.

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