Strathcona County, located in the heart of Alberta, is an energetic and thriving community. As a specialized municipality, Strathcona County works cooperatively with urban and rural residents to govern as a single municipality. Proud of this distinct governance model, the County promotes and demonstrates its achievements. 

Municipal Land Framework (24.2 MB)  
Approved by Council, October 2019.

As Strathcona County grows and invests in its future, a cohesive framework to guide the use, acquisition, and disposition of County Land in a timely, transparent, and strategic manner is key to success. The Municipal Land Framework aims to provide policies and processes for these decisions over the next 25 years. 

Why do we need a Municipal Land Framework?

The Municipal Land Framework provides an important framework to guide the balancing and prioritization of demands and requirements for land that are identified by County departments, its residents, and its elected officials. With this large and growing land inventory, a Municipal Land Framework is necessary to guide decisions associated with the use, acquisition, and disposition of land that helps meet the needs of current residents without compromising the needs of future County residents. 

The Municipal Land Framework is guided by seven core strategic outcomes:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Value
  3. Adaptability
  4. Community
  5. Consistency
  6. Sustainability
  7. Conservation


These Strategic Outcomes describe what success through the Municipal Land Framework looks like in the future.

The County shall employ internal collaboration to foster efficient utilization of its land.

The County shall balance competing demands to utilize its land to its highest and best use. 

The County shall be open to new and innovative methods of meeting respective land needs. 

The County shall manage land to provide benefits and  improvements to the County as a whole and its residents.  

The County shall deliver efficient and consistent decisions regarding land management.

The County shall foster resiliency and the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of its land for current and future uses. 

The County shall ensure respectful stewardship of water, land, air, and energy resources.

A limited resource with diverse potential uses, County Land must be managed in a timely, transparent and strategic way in order to maximize its benefit to the County. This will be accomplished by achieving all of the following strategic outcomes when determining use, acquisition, and disposition of land. 

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