Affordable housing

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Having safe, affordable housing is an important factor to health, and helps to reduce risk, vulnerability and harm in people’s lives. Affordable housing plays a key role in community building and contributes to community safety and vitality.

Current initiatives

Affordable Housing Estimate

From November 1-30, 2020, Strathcona County participated in the Rural Development Network's Fall Estimations project and conducted the first local affordable housing estimate. A housing estimate helps build an understanding of rural experiences of housing insecurity and homelessness.

The following report captures the results of the housing estimate:

A community affordable housing strategy led by Heartland Housing Foundation will capture next steps on this important issue.

Housing needs and demand assessment 

In 2019, Strathcona County commissioned the Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) to conduct a housing needs and demand assessment to better understand current needs and housing trends in Strathcona County. The assessment examined the affordability, suitability, and adequacy related to the current housing inventory to assess gaps in housing. The report was completed in 2020.

The following documents provide an update on the affordable housing needs and demand assessment findings:

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Previous affordable housing initiatives 

Community Housing 

In 2016, Strathcona County approved 17 recommendations from the Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing to address housing gaps. The recommendations informed strategic initiatives across the County and updates were provided to Council in subsequent years. 

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