Approved by Council in 2016, the Urban Agriculture Strategy is the first of six strategies to be developed in support of the Agriculture Master Plan. (9.1 MB)

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Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture can include growing fruits, herbs and vegetables, creating and improving pollinator habitats, or raising animals. The vision is for urban agriculture to be easily accessed and seen in Strathcona County; it contributes to creating a healthy, livable community by helping to grow food, relationships and the economy in our community.

Urban agriculture strategy focus areas

Through the focus areas, the County looks to create opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle, support community connections and empower residents to learn new skills and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Community gardens - Active program

Community gardening is the practice of growing and raising food in a shared garden space.  Visit our community gardens webpage to learn more.

Public agriculture and edible landscaping - Active program

Public agriculture refers to food grown in public spaces of a town or city, managed by various groups. The food is grown for everyone. Visit our edible plants webpage to learn more.

School agriculture program - Active program

School agriculture programs take many forms: classroom garden, growing demonstrations, community gardens, horticultural training gardens or greenhouses, vertical growing hydroponic and aquaponic systems, among others. Visit our school garden program webpage to learn more.

Education and coordination - Active program

Education and coordination of action will be critical to build momentum, maintain direction, and realizing a full return on invested public and private resources.

Urban livestock - Active program

The Urban Agriculture Strategy included engagement to help inform recommendations on the Animal Control Bylaw update.

Home gardens - Active program

A home garden is a small area of land or raised bed used for growing food on or around a house or apartment complex.

Urban farms - Estimated start date: TBD

Urban farming is the commercial practice of growing and raising food within urban boundaries. Urban farms can take on different shapes and sizes such as sea cans and high rise buildings.

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