Opioids Don’t Discriminate: An interactive experience

Photos of faces

What if we think differently about addiction?

Then we could focus on connection, empathy and the science of addiction.

The Opioids Don’t Discriminate exhibit profiles local statistics while immersing participants in an interactive journey of three different characters, based on real-life experiences of those affected by opioid use.  The purpose of this event is to reduce stigma and enhance empathy for those impacted by opioids. It also aimed to inspire participants to act.

Do It Yourself Kit 

This kit is intended to explain the approaches, concepts, tools and learnings used to design and run the exhibit. It is a way to share key aspects of the exhibit for those who might want to do something similar where they live. It is a way to enable future action to support those affected by the opioids crisis.  

Do it yourself kit (6.6 MB)

For additional resources and details, or if you use this guide to help you design an exhibit, feel free to connect with us.


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