Facilities Project Information

The following list and links provide information that may be required for your project.

Strathcona County Protocol

  • Notification and consultation
  • Notification to adjacent(s)
  • Noise
  • Flaring


  • RUA
  • Access approach (link)- note that approval of Alberta Environment may be required if a wetland is impacted. 
    • Below is a list of things that should be included on the drawings attached with an approach application.
    • PDF format
    • Directional arrow- North
    • All roads labeled with civic and legal address
    • Dimensions for access and distance from closest intersection
    • Proposed access to be highlighted


  • County Wetland Policy


  • Clubroot Management plan and weed control

Emergency Services

  • ERP

Thank you. A copy of this list will be provided with our response. Please refer to links provided for requests, standards and applications.

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