Sewer smells are caused by a build-up of micro-organisms that produce hydrogen sulfide gas in the sewer system. This often happens where there is low population density, with low turnover of waste material in the pipes. As well as the unpleasant odour, the gas also damages the pipes and equipment.

To learn how to reduce the odour, Strathcona County Utilities is running a odour control pilot project in Antler Lake.

Bio-Clean pilot project

The best way to solve the problem of hydrogen sulfide gas is to stop it being produced in the first place. To stop the build up of micro-organisms that make the gas we are using a product called Bio-Clean.

Bio-Clean is a solution of natural microbes which breaks down the material that feeds the micro-organisms in the sewer system. It breaks down the organic material, cleaning both the wastewater system pipes and the lift station.

The product will not damage pipes or septic tanks. It changes the waste particles into mineral rich water, carbon dioxide and ash which run harmlessly out of your waste system.

Residents will receive a 1-year supply of Bio-Clean, and instructions on how to use it. We are asking all Antler Lake residents connected to the County wastewater system to add the product to their household wastewater drainage as directed below.

Dosage and application of Bio-Clean:

  • mix one scoop of Bio-Clean with ½ litre of warm water and pour into the kitchen sink for the first 5 days
  • then mix one scoop of Bio-Clean with ½ litre of warm water and pour into the kitchen sink once a week

If you are unable to participate in this pilot project your supply of Bio-Clean can be dropped off in the box at the Antler Lake lift station (52343 Range Road 211).

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