The County is improving access, landscaping and public space around the memorial at the south end of County Hall on the corner of Sherwood Drive and Festival Way.

Image of the area being revitalized outside of County Hall.

Recent renovations within County Hall removed public access at the south end of the building. This project will improve accessibility to the east entrance and the outdoor area, while revitalizing landscaping and enhancing the public space in County Hall Cenotaph Park. 

Overall improvements include:

  • A widened more accessible walkway with light bollards
  • Commemorative granite slab inserts with bronze letters leading up to the Cenotaph.
  • A new concrete plaza with furniture
  • New trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Ornamental fencing around building patio to better delineate this space for staff use during breaks, including gate access
  • New wayfinding and commemorative interpretive sign
  • Upgrades electrical system for light bollards, and updated irrigation system

Trees will be removed and replaced 

Tree removal is part of the overall landscape revitalization. Deciduous trees that are dead or diseased are being removed and replaced with new trees, shrubs and perennials. One spruce tree is being removed to allow for an enhanced design of the Cenotaph area and a more accessible entrance.  

New plantings include 16 trees, 182 shrubs, and over 500 perennials.  Once established plantings will provide an upgraded backdrop to the Cenotaph.

Minor impact to residents during construction

The area and memorial will be closed to the public during construction.  

The work may also cause minor traffic disruptions for pedestrians and vehicles during certain phases of the project. 

Watch for signs in the area.

Project timelines

  • April 2023 – Tree removal
  • May to November 2023 – Construction and landscaping

Site access is currently open with fence and granite slabs yet to be installed in early November of 2023.

Further information:

For construction and landscaping inquiries:
Transportation Engineering and Operations
Phone: 780-417-7100

For information about the project:
Facility Services
Phone: 780-464-8403

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