The 2023 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games Curling competition will be taking place at Glen Allan Recreation Complex

  • On-site parking is available, with limited seating for spectators in the upper curling lounge.
  • Food is available in the second floor lounge 30 minutes prior to the first game each day.
    • Coffee and baking will be available at the same time as the lounge.
    • Breakfast will be available starting at 8 a.m. on both days
    • No outside food or beverages allowed in the curling lounge

Curling schedule

Curling results

Results will be entered by 5:30 p.m. each day.

Results Medals

Curling results are viewed best from a tablet / desktop device

Curling overview / rules

Curling format is Mixed Teams. Team formation is not subject to a given male/female ration, and teams may also consist of only male or female players. A divisional round will first be conducted to place teams into a division.

In the divisioning round, each team shall play a minimum of three (3) games of two (2) ends. Each team shall be required to play all curlers whose names appear on the final team roster in each game of the divisioning round. Curlers must play in the position (s) during the divisioning round that they shall play in during regulation play. If a curler plays more than one position they must play in each position during the divisioning round.

A final team roster is a complete list of all curlers and coaches registered with a team. The final team roster shall consist of two (2) coaches and a minimum of four (4) / maximum of five (5) curlers. All curlers whose names appear on the final team roster must play during each game of the competition. Curlers shall be exempt from playing only due to injury or illness.

  • Every team shall be composed of a minimum of four (4) curlers. In the case of injury or illness, the minimum number of curlers required to start or continue a game is three (3)
  • In the event a team is unable to complete a game as a result of dropping below the minimum number of curlers (3), the non-offending team shall be awarded the win.
  • Teams that drop below the minimum number of curlers for two consecutive games shall be declared ineligible to continue in the competition. For each scheduled game, the opponent of the ineligible team shall be awarded the win.

Ineligible teams would only be able to play in an exhibition division of the Games and would not qualify for awards or placement points in the competition, and therefore are ineligible to advance to a higher level competition.

View all official curling rules

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