Curious about industrial activity or unsure why you hear a siren? 

Phone the UPDATEline at 1-866-653-9959 for information on current industrial site activities in the region such as unusual loud noises or alarms, prolonged flares, smoke or fire, traffic levels coming to and from a plant, or smells that are prolonged. Many of our industrial partners actively use, and practice with, sirens to notify their staff of emergencies. The activation of a siren on an industrial property does not automatically mean there is an incident. Emergency tests, which include the activation of industry-owned siren systems, are scheduled on a regular basis. Residents may hear these sirens during a practice.

Please note: Industry is responsible for posting information about training or drills which may affect surrounding neighbourhoods.

How do I know when an incident/emergency affects me?

All Strathcona County residents are encouraged to sign up to receive Strathcona County Alerts. This alert system is managed by Strathcona County. All subscribers will be sent an alert in the event of an emergent, significant and/or time-sensitive emergency. Residents can choose to receive alerts any, or all of the following ways: phone call, email or text.

Additional ways residents will be notified in a disaster.

  • notification sent through the Alberta Emergency Alert system
  • information will be available on: the Strathcona County website; on social media sites; on the UPDATEline; possible door-to-door visits by emergency personnel and information will be sent to all local media outlet


Last updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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