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Strathcona County wants a healthy, innovative and sustainable economy - one that balances social responsibility and the environment. A healthy economy means jobs and business opportunities. It allows the County to run quality community programs, and provide the services and infrastructure that residents value. With this in mind, Strathcona County Council approved an Economic Sustainability Framework to guide decisions that will foster and sustain a healthy economy benefitting residents, business and industry.

Economic Sustainability Framework
Approved by Council on March 29, 2011

The Economic Sustainability Framework is intended to:

  • strengthen the fiscal sustainability of the County
  • support municipal programs and services and the provision of infrastructure
  • guide economic development across the County
  • inform economic policy development
  • complement the County’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability
  • support and develop innovative responses to economic development issues
  • assess the impact of economic trends on residents, businesses and municipal operations
  • prioritize and plan for future economic development initiatives
  • encourage economic partnerships and alliances
  • support inter-governmental efforts to promote economic development 

Guiding statements

These guiding statements describe what success through the Economic Sustainability Framework looks like in the future.

Long-term financial sustainability

Strathcona County is in sound financial condition and has the fiscal capacity to deliver services and infrastructure on a sustainable basis.

On March 27, 2018, Council approved the Long-Term Financial Sustainability Framework.

Strong economic drivers

Strathcona County’s economy includes a world-leading integrated energy sector, thriving small- and medium-sized businesses and a strong agricultural sector.

Green economy

Strathcona County enables and promotes the diversification of its economy through the development of green jobs and investment with the goal to be a model for sustainable development.

Growth through partnerships

Strathcona County partners with community organizations, municipalities in the region, other orders of government, and the private sector to promote sustainable economic development.

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