Strathcona County's history can be traced through stories, recollections and documented activities of past and present residents. Activities that convey the spirit of our community would illustrate various themes, including:

  • family and daily life
  • neighbourhoods
  • community events - formal and informal
  • community groups, associations or societies
  • agriculture and agricultural organizations
  • local business and industry
  • church activities
  • school life and related associations
  • sports teams and clubs
  • social clubs
  • arts, crafts and hobby clubs
  • service clubs and other non-profit groups
  • municipal government history
  • scenic views and landscapes

Materials of interest
In capturing our past, we want to convey the stories, knowledge and skills of individuals and/or families who now call or once called, Strathcona County home.

We are looking to paint a picture of the community's past for today and the future.

Materials of historical significance might include:

  • letters or other correspondence
  • stories (written or spoken)
  • demonstrations of heritage skills 
  • diaries
  • scrapbooks
  • photographs
  • minutes of meetings
  • financial records
  • maps
  • home movies, sound recordings
  • posters, handbills
  • drawings or paintings of local scenes, events

If you have old materials and you wonder if they have historical value, give us a call and ask.

Help us capture the community's past
Contact the Community Heritage Legacy office today if you:

  • keep records of historical significance, or you know someone who does
  • you have found old records that you don't know what to do with
  • know where we might find records of past, now inactive groups
  • would like someone to come and meet with you or your group about local history and/or caring for historical records in your keeping
  • have personal or family records you want to share

Contact , 780-464-8022

You may be referred to Strathcona County Museum & Archives. 

Photographs courtesy of Strathcona County Museum & Archives

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