Collingwood Cove, in Strathcona County, is commonly referred to as "The Cove" by its 362 residents. The Cove started growing in the early 1950s as a very popular summer lakeside resort. It was popular because it is only a 25-minute ride from Edmonton and its location on Cooking Lake which was at that time, one of the best lakes for recreation activities in the region.

Today the lake is shallow and canoes replace pleasure boats, but flocks of pelicans and swans still visit in summer. Moose, deer or coyote are also commonly seen taking a stroll to the lake; this area is full of wild life! For Instance, Cooking Lake is on the migration route of millions of waterfowl and birds and many stay and nest in ideal locations in and around The Cove.

Since 1990, there have been several new developments in the hamlet, such as new homes, a modern playground with basketball hoops and a seasonal ice surface. Today there are spectacular sunsets and a lifestyle only found in a small community.

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