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Strathcona County is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the region, with both a large urban centre and a significant rural area.

As an organization, Strathcona County is in the business of building communities and delivering a quality of life.

In addition to a competitive compensation package, we have a strong focus on employee safety and wellness and an excellent training and development program. If you see yourself working for a diverse and progressive municipality please apply below.

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Job Title Position Closing Date Status Job ID
IT Project Manager - ERP (One Year Temporary; REVISED)
Temporary Full-Time Feb. 26, 2018 Closed 063-2018-EXT-ITS
Facility Operator (Multiple Positions, Multiple Locations)
Temporary Part-Time June 29, 2018 Active 177-2018-EXT-RPC
Municipal Peace Officer Assistant (Part-time)
Permanent Part-Time June 15, 2018 Screening 171-2018-EXT-RCM
Customer Service Representative I (Part-time, Multiple positions)
Hourly Feb. 25, 2018 Screening 059-2018-EXT-RPC
Community Liaison Officer, Outdoor Services (Temporary)
Temporary Full-Time June 17, 2018 Screening 152-2018-EXT-RPC
Administrative Support Assistant II, Compensation and Benefits
Permanent Full-Time April 13, 2018 Interviewing 113-2018-EXT-HRS
Social Policy Analyst
Permanent Full-Time July 2, 2018 Active 183-2018-EXT-FCS
Revenue Analyst (Temporary)
Temporary Full-Time July 3, 2018 Active 181-2018-EXT-CFIN
Compensation Administrator (Temporary 2 years)
Temporary Full-Time June 26, 2018 Active 184-2018-EXT-HRS
Administrative Support Assistant II, OHST
Permanent Full-Time April 25, 2018 Closed 127-2018-EXT-SCES
Facility Attendant (Multiple Positions, Multiple Locations)
Hourly June 29, 2018 Active 176-2018-EXT-RPC
Recruitment Supervisor
Permanent Full-Time April 5, 2018 Closed 104-2018-EXT-HRS
Third Party Crossing Technician
Permanent Full-Time June 20, 2018 Screening 172-2018-EXT-PDS
Legislative Officer (Temporary 1 Year)
Temporary Full-Time June 17, 2018 Screening 170-2018-EXT-LLS
Lifeguard I (Multiple Positions)
Hourly June 10, 2018 Screening 156-2018-EXT-RPC
Infrastructure Modeling Engineer
Permanent Full-Time April 22, 2018 Screening 119-2018-EXT-UTL
Buyer (Temporary)
Temporary Full-Time Feb. 19, 2018 Closed 061-2018-EXT-PRO
Enterprise Architect
Permanent Full-Time June 27, 2018 Active 174-2018-EXT-ITS
Water and Wastewater Operator, Collection & Distribution (Temporary)
Temporary Full-Time June 14, 2018 Screening 167-2018-EXT-UTL
IT Project Manager - Transit (Temporary)
Temporary Full-Time May 13, 2018 Interviewing 134-2018-EXT-ITS
Customer Service Representative (Temporary)
Temporary Full-Time April 16, 2018 Interviewing 122-2018-EXT-RCMP
Administrative Assistant I (Part-time, temporary one year)
Temporary Part-Time May 18, 2018 Interviewing 142-2018-EXT-CFIN
Customer Service Representative I (Hourly)
Hourly Feb. 14, 2018 Interviewing 027-2018-EXT-TRN
Utility Operator II
Permanent Full-Time May 16, 2018 Interviewing 140-2018-EXT-UTL
Systemic Designer
Permanent Full-Time July 8, 2018 Active 165-2018-EXT-FCS
Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Advisor
Permanent Full-Time June 13, 2018 Screening 158-2018-EXT-HRS
Assistant Recreation Programmer (Adult Wellness)
Permanent Full-Time May 21, 2018 Closed 143-2018-EXT-RPC
Lifeguard III (Temporary until November 2019)
Temporary Full-Time June 27, 2018 Active 179-2018-EXT-RPC
Administrative Assistant I
Permanent Full-Time Jan. 21, 2018 Screening 019-2018-EXT-RPC
Buyer (Temporary)
Temporary Full-Time June 11, 2018 Screening 154-2018-EXT-PRO
Enterprise Data Management Portfolio Lead
Permanent Full-Time May 13, 2018 Interviewing 133-2018-EXT-ITS
Payroll Specialist (Temporary one year)
Temporary Full-Time May 3, 2018 Closed 125-2018-EXT-HRS
Victim Services Volunteer Coordinator
Permanent Full-Time Feb. 23, 2018 Interviewing 064-2018-EXT-RCM
Solutions Navigator (Temporary Full Time – Multiple Positions)
Temporary Full-Time June 27, 2018 Active 169-2018-EXT-FCS
OHS Applications Specialist
Permanent Full-Time May 6, 2018 Cancelled 129-2018-EXT-RPC
Equipment Operator II, Arborist
Permanent Full-Time May 27, 2018 Interviewing 146-2018-EXT-RPC
Data and Systems Integration Analyst (Temporary – 2 years)
Temporary Full-Time May 21, 2018 Interviewing 137-2018-EXT-ITS
Summer Student - Community and Social Innovation Interns (Seasonal hourly)
Seasonal May 6, 2018 Interviewing 130-2018-EXT-FCS
Summer Student – Community and Social Innovation Policy Intern (Seasonal hourly)
Seasonal May 6, 2018 Interviewing 131-2018-EXT-FCS
Labourer I (Seasonal positions – 8 week positions available)
Seasonal June 3, 2018 Screening 151-2018-EXT-RPC
Electronics Technician (Temporary Full-Time)
Temporary Full-Time March 23, 2018 Closed 087-2018-EXT-FAC
Aquatic Instructor I (Hourly, multiple positions)
Hourly June 22, 2018 Active 160-2018-EXT-RPC
Specialized Transit Operator
Hourly May 28, 2018 Interviewing 145-2018-EXT-TRN
Administrative Assistant I (Temporary one year)
Temporary Full-Time April 18, 2018 Interviewing 123-2018-EXT-PDS
Outdoor Leader (Seasonal-hourly; multiple positions)
Seasonal March 19, 2018 Screening 074-2018-EXT-RPC
Senior Outdoor Leader (Seasonal-hourly; multiple positions)
Seasonal March 19, 2018 Screening 073-2018-EXT-RPC
Customer Service Representative I (Hourly)
Hourly June 14, 2018 Screening 168-2018-EXT-TRN
Infrastructure Engineer
Permanent Full-Time Jan. 14, 2018 Screening 289-2017-EXT-UTL
Assistant Outdoor Leader (Seasonal-hourly; two positions)
Seasonal March 19, 2018 Screening 075-2018-EXT-RPC
Senior Outdoor Leader, Nature Detective (Part-time; REPOSTED)
Hourly Jan. 29, 2018 Screening 285-2017-EXT-RPC
Court Support Coordinator, Victim Services (Grant Funded Contract Position)
Contract Feb. 14, 2018 Interviewing 058-2018-EXT-RCM
Youth Programs Instructor (Contract, multiple positions)
Contract March 25, 2018 Screening 092-2018-EXT-RPC
Victim Services Program Liaison (Grant Funded Contract Position)
Contract Feb. 14, 2018 Interviewing 057-2018-EXT-RCM
Senior Infrastructure Technologist
Permanent Full-Time March 9, 2018 Screening 070-2018-EXT-TAS
Census Workers (Temporary Positions)
Contract April 30, 2018 Screening 097-2018-EXT-LLS
Emergency Communications Operator (Part-time, hourly)
Hourly Feb. 23, 2018 Interviewing 052-2018-EXT-SCES
Housekeeper I (Part-time, hourly, multiple positions)
Hourly May 10, 2018 Interviewing 136-2018-EXT-RPC
Labourer I (Seasonal, multiple positions)
Seasonal March 23, 2018 Screening 090-2018-EXT-TAS
Information Services Summer Student (Hourly)
Hourly April 2, 2018 Interviewing 089-2018-EXT-LLS

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