• Frustrated Furry Friends 

Talk about what each family member does to help manage frustration. Your child can choose a stuffed animal they can hold when they feel frustrated. 

  • Cooperative Drawing 

This is an easy and silly turn take activity you can do one-on-one with your child or encourage your kids to do it together. It can be as simple or challenging as you like. 

To play this game, follow these simple steps: The first person draws any random shape. The next person adds one shape to it. Continue taking turns adding details and stretching your imagination to see what your drawing can become. Add to the fun by making up a story to go along with your creation. 

Thanks for learning about feelings with us and our Kimochis® friends. As you get ready to start school, remember that all feelings are ok.

All Kimochis® Characters, Feelings and Materials are the trademarked property of Plushy Feely Corp. All rights reserved. 

Looking for ideas to support your child’s development? Visit Family Resource Network or call 780-464-4044. 

Strathcona County’s Mental Health Capacity Building program is funded by Alberta Health Services and delivered by Family and Community Services. 


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