Current well activity and major pipelines in Strathcona County

The County has been notified of the proposed projects below within the last two years. As notifications are received they are posted below to advise residents and the public.

The developments posted below may not be approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). Residents can contact the AER directly or visit their website for more information on the approval of projects.

Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)

Edmonton Regional Office (AER)
Suite 205, 4999 - 98 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
ph: 780-642-9310

Calgary Office (AER)
ph: 403-297-8311

Please note: There are currently a number of pipeline integrity dig programs in Strathcona County. For questions regarding these programs contact Planning and Development Services ph: 780-464-8080.

Well and Facility Activity

ARC Resources Ltd.

(formerly Imperial Oil sites)
Further information: 403-503-8600
Emergency contact: 780-942-3910

B&G Energy Ltd.

Further information: 403-513-2402
Emergency contact: 403-693-4050

Chinook Energy Inc.

(formerly Iteration Energy Ltd.)
Further information: 403-261-6883

Sinopec Daylight Energy Ltd.

Further information: 403-290-5635

Husky Oil

Further information: 403-298-6302
Emergency contact: 877-262-2111

JayCor Resources Inc.

Further information and emergency contact: 780-466-0404

Mancal Energy Inc.

Further information: 866-221-2984
Emergency contact: 780-542-6202 


  • NE 31-55-20-W4
  • 2-12-56-21-W4
  • 9-18-56-20-W4

Mosaic Energy Ltd.

Further information: 403-699-7663
Emergency contact: 403-990-0116

Potts Petroleum

Further Information: 403-262-8544
Emergency contact: 1-866-618-2933

Long Run Exploration

(formerly Westfire Energy Ltd. and Orion Oil & Gas North America)
Further information: 780-942-3300 or 403-261-6012 
Emergency contact: 1-866-574-7085

Compressor station: 15-24-55-21-W4


  • NE 22-56-21-W4
  • SE 15-56-21-W4
  • NW 12-56-21-W4
  • SW 13-56-21-W4

Rally Canada Resources Ltd.

Further information: 403-262-6860
Emergency: 1-866-985-8666

Ramparts Energy Ltd.

Further information: 403-663-5540
Emergency contact: 866-441-2266

Redwater Energy Corp.

Emergency contact: 403-289-0000

Rifle Shot Oil Corp.

  • 8-23-55-21-W4
  • 16-23-55-21-W4

Further information: 587-955-9060
Emergency contact: 1-844-808-4898

Shell Canada Energy

Further information: 403-691-4020
Emergency contact: 800-661-7378

Tamarack Acquisition Corp.

Major pipelines

Notice to residents considering petroleum product pipelines on their property. The AER does not have a setback requirement for the pipelines beyond the right of way. However, Strathcona County imposes a minimum 15 meter setback from a pipeline right of way boundary. This applies for the construction of any permanent buildings or residences. The setback for public buildings is 200 meters.

Strathcona County Land Use Bylaw 6-2015 Section 3.12 Pipeline Setbacks

The Edmonton and Area Pipeline and Utility Operators Committee (EAPUOC) is engaged in activities to encourage and promote safety around buried pipelines and cables. A map is available here.

Remember if you live near pipelines Click Before You Dig - Alberta One Call. More information: 1-800-242-3447

Pipeline Projects

ACCESS Pipeline Inc.

Further Information: 780-656-5398 
Emergency contact: 866-987-3899

Air Products

Further information: 866-543-4755
Emergency contact: 780-417-1957 

Aux Sable

Further information: 403-508-5865
Emergency contact: 888-874-7473

ATCO Energy Solutions

Heartland Storage Connector Project (complete)
SW 34-55-21-W4 to SW 24-55-22-W4

Further Information: 403-245-7003
Emergency Contact: 1-866-716-8550

Further information: 800-699-6924 or 403-571-7483
Emergency Contact: 780-796-6140 or 780-796-6139

Enbridge Pipelines (Athabasca) Inc.

Emergency contact: 877-420-8800 (toll free)
Further Information:

  • Edmonton to Hardisty Pipeline (complete)
    • NW32-52-23-W4 to 19-42-9-W4: 877-767-2339
  • Line 2 Replacement Project (complete)
    • NW32-52-32-W4 to SW1-50-22-W4: 877-767-2339
  • Norlite (complete)
                4-56-21-W4 to 6-56-20-W4  Further Information: 780-420-8780


Enhance Energy


Proposed CO2 pipeline for enhanced oil recovery sequestration (including new pumping station)

  • 5-55-20-W4 to 26-56-21-W4

Inter Pipeline Fund

Further information: 403-290-2645
Emergency contact: 800-721-6761 (toll free 24-hours)

  • Polaris Edmonton Connection (complete)
    • 16-53-23-W4 to NE11-56-21-W4 

Keyera Energy

Further information: 403-205-7688
Emergency contact: 800-360-4706 (toll free 24-hours)

  • NWR Refinery Connector (complete)
    • SE 18-56-21-W4 to NW 8-56-21-W4
    • Further information: 587-293-7502

Kinder Morgan

Further Information: 866-514-6700

  • Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline
  • from Burnaby, BC to Strathcona Industrial Area
  • Various pipelines 32-52-23-W4 to 5-53-23-W4 (Pipeline bridge)

Plains Midstream

Further information: 877-420-6264
Emergency contact: 866-875-2554

North West Redwater Partnership

Further Information: 888-833-3708
Emergency contact: 888-377-1430

Nova Chemicals

Further information: 403-342-6461
Emergency contact: 800-780-6682 (toll free)

  • SW 34-55-21-W4 to SE 32-55-21-W4 (complete)


Further information: 403-266-1985
Emergency contact: 1-866-975-1011

  • SW 34-55-21-W4 to SW 24-55-22-W4 (complete)


Further Information:780-992-3718
Emergency contact: 800-661-7378 (toll free 24-hours)

  • Quest CCS Project: 800-250-4355 (complete)
    • 32-55-21-W4 to 30-56-20-W4

Suncor Energy

Emergency contact: 800-378-6267 (toll free 24-hours)

Trans Canada

  • Grand Rapids Pipeline: 855-235-1851 or .
  • Heartland Pipeline Project: 855-920-1912 or .
    Hardisty, AB (on hold)

Trans Northern Pipelines Inc.

Further information: 403-930-3301
Emergency contact: 1-800-361-0608

  • NW 4-53-23-W4 to NW 25-51-24-W4

More information

Planning and Development Services
Phone: 780-464-8080
Fax: 780-464-8142

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