Social Action: This is a place where we can make real change

Next Gen Action Groups

Social Action: This is a place where we can make real change

Next Gen Action Groups are a platform for Strathcona County’s next generation to finally have their opinions, ideas and dreams for the community heard and realized. The Next Gen Action Groups will lead development of a youth strategy for Strathcona County.

Strathcona County has recognized that the next generation has great ideas and wants a say in shaping policy surrounding issues they care about; this is the County’s way of taking action and providing a place for youth to have a voice and create change. Experts in certain areas will meet with these Action Groups to delve into issues that youth care about to gain a greater understanding of the County’s next generation’s needs and what can be done to support our youth demographic. 

Next Gen Action Groups are a great opportunity for teens who are looking to speak about issues in the community. It gives them an actual chance to talk about issues they feel aren't addressed in their community.  It is also a great addition to a resume, gives great material for scholarship opportunities, and gives teens a great foot in the door for amazing job connections and volunteer opportunities. 

Our hope is that all youth will participate in the Next Gen Action Groups and bring attention to the changes they feel are needed.  Our hope is also that our youth can create a community that they feel proud to be a part of.    

By working together as a community, we can all do our part to bridge age demographics and create a community that values and supports all of its members. The overarching theme of this initiative is that the community’s next generation will be heard and can affect change. 

This blog was co-written by Jessica and John:

Jessica has worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Strathcona County for three years and is excited to be involved with Next Gen Action Groups because she feels that youth have a lot of important things to say and is proud to be a part of a platform that allows youths’ voices to be heard.

John is currently the Children’s Program Director at Boys and Girls Club (BGC) of Strathcona County, has been involved with BGC for six years and is part of the Next Gen Action Group initiative as it’s a great asset to the youth community.

To learn more, youth and young adults can visit, text NEXT GEN to: 780-239-4366, or connect through email at

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