Community-builders in COVID-19: Spirit Grad Wear

Quintin Dunham and Jessica Wolfrey

Community-builders in COVID-19: Spirit Grad Wear

“Making lemonade out of lemons” is the way in which Quinton Dunham would describe the origin of Spirit Grad Wear, a brand of clothing that shows slogans like ‘Grad 2020, The Year we were Quarantined’ in the style of the tv show Friends. They also have socks that say “I was social distancing before it was cool."  

“Thought we could make quirky t-shirts that would make people smile and laugh – bring light to a difficult situation.” Quirky is a way to describe the styles of Spirit Grad Wear, and their want to build community was instilled to Quinton Dunham and Jessica Wolfrey, the co-owners of Spirit Grad Wear, since they were young.  

“My parents would talk about how everybody used to share everything with other people and come together,” Jessica mentions. “I think the pandemic will bring us together and build community and bring us together more than we were before.”  

Not only was Spirit Grad Wear something to help lighten up the mood when are stuck at home, it was a way to help Jessica and Quinton too. “It’s been beneficial to others but also to boost our spirits – since we don’t get grad – instead of being bored and disappointed.” This is a great lesson for any type of community action, that when you support your community, it helps your spirits as well. Truly making lemonade out of lemons.  


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