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The COVID-19 pandemic caused stress, hardships and pressure for Strathcona County residents in ways some may have never experienced before. Now, as we enter a season of community recovery, many of us are weary and overwhelmed by all that happened in the past two years. Strathcona County Family and Community Services is here to help you through this transition. If you need support with finances, parenting, family violence, are a senior or know a senior who is feeling alone and overwhelmed, or just need to talk, call us at 780-464-4044.

What happens when you call into Family and Community Services?

Sometimes life is complicated, and as we all process the long-term effects of the pandemic, it’s ok to ask for support. When you call in, you’ll be connected to the Social Supports Team who is there to support individuals and families through life’s challenges. This team is made of Navigators, Counsellors and Family Resource Facilitators who work with you to identify your goals and strengths, create an action plan, build skills and access community resources. It’s open to all Strathcona County residents and is free.  

The Social Supports Team can help with:  

  • Parent, youth, adult, senior and family school liaison supports and outreach.
  • Skill building
  • Finances
  • Subsidies (transit, recreation, tax and more)
  • Housing
  • Forms and application

Community Recovery Vignette project

The Community Recovery Vignette project is a series of videos designed to cultivate empathy and understanding. They were used to de-stigmatize asking for and pursuing help during the first 14 months of the pandemic. The relatable stories reflected characters with a wide variety of lived experiences and highlighted the psycho-social impacts of COVID-19. The project was a partnership between Strathcona County Family and Community Services and the Social Framework Leadership Table. 

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