Social Action: Learning to recycle love

One residents’ commitment to community service

Social Action: Learning to recycle love

Every person has the power to make positive change in their community. Glenda Sheard lives by this sentiment, dedicating her time and energy to the Strathcona County community. She’s built countless meaningful connections and says these relationships bring purpose, meaning and joy. It becomes a circle of people helping people.

The Social Action Blog sat down with Glenda to talk about her experiences.

What does community involvement mean to you?

It’s being a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s about investing in the community that’s given so much to you. It also offers you the opportunity to learn and grow personally. Community is about making a difference collectively, with whatever each of us has to offer. I enjoy volunteering in a variety of roles and being involved in community events like when the Library’s Bookmobile participates in parades, the County’s Annual Golf Classic and RavenWood Music Festival.

What made you become so involved in the community?

When I was a little girl, my mom volunteered a lot. I asked my mom why she did stuff for others, and she said, “Glenda, you’re probably not going to understand this now. When you’re giving back to your community, you’re recycling love, and it’s the best way to make a difference. You’ll understand this when you become a mom.” That’s how I became so involved.

How has community involvement enriched your life?

Community is how I’ve survived. After I lost my son, friends and neighbours came together to help support me with food and thoughtful gifts, but most importantly, with their caring hearts. When you give to your community, it comes back to you in the long run. It becomes a circle of people helping others.

I live in a community that truly cares for each other. The hearts of the people in Strathcona County are incredible. The work that people are doing in this community will have an impact on future generations.

What does resiliency mean to you?

Resiliency is the search for hope — and holding onto hope. It isn’t a quick process, and part of resiliency is reaching out and getting help. You can’t always get there alone. Most often, a listening ear is more valuable than anything.


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