Social Action: Wellness Walks

Strathcona County Child and Youth Coalition

Social Action: Wellness Walks

What better way to connect your mental wellness with the great outdoors than with a wellness walk!  A wellness walk is an opportunity to connect family, community and nature. This summer, Strathcona County Child and Youth Coalition set up four locations throughout Strathcona County for residents to experience a wellness walk where you can pass by signs with grounding messages, activities and resources that encourage mindfulness, gratitude and kindness.

The walks can be found at locations throughout Strathcona County and you can choose your walk through an  interactive map . To add extra fun to your wellness walk experience, pick up a free kit which includes items such as paint and paint brushes to paint rocks and leave at a wellness walk location, a water bottle, sunglasses, beach ball, bubbles and more!

The Social Action team spoke with Kayla, a County staff member involved with the coalition, to share more about the Wellness Walks and the Child and Youth Coalition.

What are some benefits to the Wellness Walk?

People get to check out different walking paths in our community or experience a walking path they are familiar with in a new and exciting way. I love that people have the opportunity to walk slowly, taking moments to enjoy nature while learning and connecting with family and friends or on their own. It’s a unique and creative outlet to learn about mental health and well-being while spending time outdoors.

How do I pick up a Wellness Walk kit?

Kits are free and can be reserved by emailing: to arrange a pick up.

What is the Child and Youth Coalition?

The Strathcona County Child and Youth Coalition refers to a group of community partners who believe in improving the support and resources available to children, youth and their families in Strathcona County. The Coalition prioritizes relationship-building, collaboration and inclusivity. We welcome and value all ideas, thoughts and actions on how to support community well-being. Our work is guided by the idea that we can achieve stronger and better outcomes with our community when we work together.

For more information and to get involved in other summer activities, click here.

Have you found your own wellness walk that brings you joy? Share your favourite walking path by tagging us on social media @scSocialAction or by using the hashtag #scSocialAction!

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