Social Action: Helping in a heat wave

Pet Valu

Social Action: Helping in a heat wave

Imagine wearing a fur coat in the middle of the heat wave - that may be how your pet feels!

A County resident was concerned about his two dogs overheating and was looking for a cool, safe place to go. He reached out to Pet Valu on Baseline road for support and staff came to the rescue. The Pet Valu team took the two dogs out for a walk and gave the dogs a bath to cool down.

Not only did the team take care of the pups, but they went above and beyond to also provide support for the resident. Pet Valu owner, Daniel, remembered that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Family and Community Services encouraged businesses and residents to contact the Navigation call line for support. Daniel connected with the Social Supports team to learn about additional supports for the resident to stay cool and safe during the heat wave.

The staff at Family and Community Services offered to come down to the store and share information about cooling stations and other resources. “To know there is support for us and our business when we need it is indispensable,” says Daniel. “It was knowing how responsive the call line was to support – that was huge for us.” With a single phone call, the Pet Valu team modelled what it means to be a safe, supported, connected community.

As the heat wave continues this week, it is more important than ever that we work together. High temperatures elevate risk to vulnerable persons and seniors. If you can, check on your neighbours, family and those who may need a bit of extra support. Keep safe and stay cool!   

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