Resilience: Sparkling clean

Kudos to our cleaning staff

Resilience: Sparkling clean

Thousands of Strathcona County staff continue to work ceaselessly throughout the pandemic to keep our community safe and services functioning as effectively and safely as possible.

Strathcona County employs and contracts cleaners for all of our facilities including our transit buses, and the cleaning measures they use have been enhanced during the pandemic. Facility cleaners clean diligently and thoroughly throughout the day and night, wiping and sanitizing surfaces, touch points, floors, equipment and more in public and office areas, and before and after every program to ensure surfaces are clean, people are safe and the County adheres to strict cleaning and health protocols.

Person spraying interior of bus

Early in the year, many thought public buses were unsafe and spread COVID-19 and germs. Transit ridership across the country was impacted as fewer people began taking public transportation.  Public transit is an essential part of keeping a community connected, affordable and accessible. Strathcona County takes pride in the services it provides for residents working, shopping, playing, attending school and living their lives, and transit staff take pride in knowing they keep residents safe and healthy while doing so.

The team responsible for cleaning Strathcona County buses, inside and out, have continued to bring joy and passion to their work and remain committed to the County’s high standards for health and safety. Recently, the team received a final report from a third-party company that performed surface sampling on County buses. The team passed the sampling with flying colours, and the report concluded, “Any detectable contamination [pre-cleaning] was reduced to zero post-cleaning.

Kudos to our cleaning team, and thank you for your excellent work in keeping our buses and facilities clean and our community safe!

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