Executive Team

Executive Team

Office location and mailing address:
2001 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
T8A 3W7

Kevin Glebe, Interim Chief Commissioner

Strathcona County’s Chief Commissioner, or Chief Administrative Officer, is accountable to the Mayor and Council. The Chief Commissioner leads the development, implementation, and administration of all policies and programs established and approved by Council; guides and advises Council on legislation and municipal operations; and provides information to support Council in making informed decisions.

The Chief Commissioner, working with Executive Team, provides vision, leadership and direction to the organization based on the Strategic Plan and approved policies. The Chief Commissioner is responsible for delivering the County’s business plans within budgets approved by Council.

Contact information:
Kevin Glebe
Telephone: 780-464-8100
Fax number: 780-417-7143
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 780-464-8018

Executive Coordinator
Telephone: 780-464-8220

Greg Yeomans, Chief Financial Officer, Financial and Strategic Management Division

This position is responsible for managing the County's financial affairs, reporting on the organization's overall financial position, and supporting corporate decision making through strategic financial analysis and advice.

The Chief Financial Officer provides leadership and guidance, and oversees the delivery of quality customer service for the following departments and branches:

Contact information:
Greg Yeomans
Telephone: 780-464-8068
Fax: 780-417-7143

Executive Assistant:
Telephone: 780-464-8290

Lori Cooper, Associate Commissioner, Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division provides internal customer support to the County's operational divisions. Corporate Services procures and maintains County facility infrastructure and fleet equipment, and provides specialized technical and administrative services and advice that enables quality public service to County residents, businesses and industry.

The Associate Commissioner, Corporate Services provides leadership and guidance, and oversees the delivery of quality customer service for the following departments:

Contact Information:
Lori Cooper
Telephone: 780-400-2085
Fax: 780-417-7143


Executive Assistant
Telephone: 780-464-8103

Gord Johnston, Associate Commissioner, Community Services Division

The Community Services Division works to ensure a high quality of life for Strathcona County residents. The Division creates and maintains a positive, safe and caring community by

  • developing and delivering programs, services and resources to meet the identified and ever-changing social needs of the community
  • ensuring that residents and visitors enjoy a broad range of opportunities for healthy lifestyles
  • offering recreational and cultural activities
  • providing high quality, integrated, police, fire and emergency medical services
  • offering safe, accessible, reliable and affordable transit services as an environmentally friendly alternative.

The Associate Commissioner, Community Services, leads, guides and oversees the delivery of all business plans and budgets for the following departments:

This position also liaises with three external agencies to support seniors housing, volunteerism, literacy, leisure and learning.

Contact information:

Gord Johnston
Telephone: 780-464-8291
Fax number: 780-417-7143

Executive Assistant
Telephone: 780-464-8284

Stacy Fedechko, Acting Associate Commissioner, Infrastructure Planning Services Division

Through innovation and continuous improvement, we will strive through our decisions and actions to implement the best sustainable solutions for Strathcona County by committing to balancing social responsibility, impacts on economic prosperity and environmental stewardship.

The Associate Commissioner, Infrastructure Planning Services, leads, guides and oversees the delivery of all business plans and budgets for the following departments:

Contact information:

Stacy Fedechko
Telephone: 780-464-8409
Fax number: 780-417-7143

Executive Assistant
Telephone: 780-464-8191

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