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Frequently Asked Questions - Davidson Creek School

Why has Elk Island Public Schools chosen Davidson Creek for the new K-6 school?

Elk Island Public Schools engaged Strathcona County to assist with reviewing land available for future school buildings that will support enrolment projections and meet community need. The northern portion of Sherwood Park was identified as an area where Elk Island Public Schools is impacted by enrolment pressure at the elementary level.

The lands in Davidson Creek were subdivided and zoned PS – Public Service in 1992 specifically to accommodate a school in the future. Please contact Planning and Development Services if you have any questions regarding the land use.

When will the school be constructed?

Elk Island Public Schools has retained Stantec Consulting Ltd., to conduct a public consultation process in 2016, which will allow residents to share their input regarding the project. After public consultation, the next steps in the process will be determining a project architect. After an architect and general contractor are in place, timelines will be determined for the construction process and school opening. Please contact Elk Island Public Schools for any further questions regarding timing.

What will the school look like?

This will be determined by Elk Island Public Schools once an architect has been selected. Please contact Elk Island Public Schools for any specific questions related to the proposed school site and school site features. 

What is going to happen to traffic in the area?

As part of the development permitting process, Elk Island Public Schools will be required to provide to the County a traffic impact assessment to address items including but not limited to bussing, parking, etc. A permit has not been submitted to the County at this time. Please contact Elk Island Public Schools for any questions specific to bussing and transportation.

There is a creek adjacent to the site - has stormwater management been addressed?

All engineering of the site will be required at the time Elk Island Public Schools submits for a Development Permit. The site must be engineered in accordance with the County approved Design and Construction Standards.

What about the current baseball diamond? Why was this built only to have the school now be constructed?

The Davidson Creek school/park was subdivided and zoned in 1992 to accommodate a future school site. As there was no imminent need at this time for a school, in 2004 a baseball diamond was constructed by the County. In 2014, the ten-year-old baseball diamond was upgraded for SPMBA Peewee/Bantam level use at an estimated cost of approximately $200, 000.

It takes some time for enrolment numbers and funding to come together to trigger the need for a school to be constructed. In order to maximize the use of the County’s municipal reserve spaces until such time as a school is constructed, the County will construct open space facilities for community use in the interim.

As the school development is still in the prelimimary stages, the baseball diamond will continue to be used by the Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association this season. Future use will be determined by the Elk Island Public School’s construction plans and schedule.

What is the County's role in the development of a school site?

Strathcona County’s development permit process aims to ensure Strathcona County remains a safe and healthy community by balancing land uses, the natural environment and economic prosperity.  As such, Strathcona County’s development permit process requires EIPS to undertake a Traffic Impact Assessment,  Site Grading Plans to address overall drainage systems, as well as any other technical analysis which may be deemed necessary by the County to ensure a safe and efficient development.  Over and above the necessary detailed engineering information, EIPS will also provide detailed design of the proposed school, as well as the school’s positioning on the site including setbacks and open space development.

Last updated: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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