Annual tax notices to be mailed mid-May

May 8, 2024

Annual tax notices to be mailed mid-May

Strathcona County residents will start receiving their property tax notices next week reflecting a cumulative 4.84 per cent increase but maintaining the lowest municipal tax rate in the Edmonton urban metropolitan region.

“In the face of high inflation, we’ve struck a careful balance between fostering growth and maintaining our current infrastructure,” says Mayor Rod Frank. “Strathcona County’s success is achieved through a time-tested formula of municipal excellence built on sustainable finances. Over the three-year term of this current Council, any cumulative tax increases have been 3.25 per cent lower than inflation. This means that in real dollars, we are paying less in taxes.”

The 2024-2027 multi-year budget provides a strategic roadmap for Strathcona County to embark on vital infrastructure projects that will significantly enhance the quality of life for residents.

“Strathcona County recognizes that our residents’ tax contributions form the backbone of our local services,” says Jennifer Cannon, Chief Financial Officer for Strathcona County. “These funds support critical areas of municipal operations such as emergency response, family and community services, road maintenance, transit and recreation infrastructure and activities.”

Key budget highlights include:

  • Recreation Infrastructure Tax: A two per cent tax has been allocated to preserve and ensure the longevity of our recreational facilities, as well as advance the timeline for fieldhouse construction.
  • Infrastructure Enhancements: The budget allocates two per cent toward maintaining all County infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, buildings and more.
  • Operations: A 1.87 per cent increase addresses inflation and growth while keeping the County’s outstanding services accessible and affordable.
  • Public Safety: Additional firefighters and a new firehall strengthen emergency response capabilities.

“In addition to maintaining our first-class public services, this budget also sets the stage for us to construct a number of new facilities that residents have been asking Council to provide,” says Cannon.

Those high-priority construction projects include:

  • Station 7 firehouse: This firehouse will bolster emergency response capabilities, ensuring the safety and protection of the community.
  • The indoor multi-use fieldhouse: A dynamic hub for recreation, culture and economic opportunities, the fieldhouse is poised to become a cornerstone for future growth.
  • The Pointe: The new centre will serve as a gathering place for the community, preserving our agricultural heritage and nurturing the growth of our rural roots.

The total tax listed on the tax notices is comprised of three portions. 65 per cent of the total represents municipal taxes, while approximately 34 per cent of the total is collected on behalf of the Government of Alberta for education, and another one per cent is collected on behalf of Heartland Housing to support seniors’ housing.

A typical residential property in Strathcona County (valued at $460,000) will see a municipal tax increase of $119.51 per year or $9.96 per month. A typical commercial property in Strathcona County (valued at $1,931,000) will see a municipal tax increase of $1,126.25 per year or $93.85 per month.

Also new this year, the County has introduced MyAccounts, an online portal where residents can view account balances, tax amounts, transactions and participate in the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP). Residents can sign up at




Contact: Strathcona County Communications, 780-410-6595