Meet Wheel-E, your new automated waste and organics cart system

April 1, 2021



Video of Wheel-E in action

Innovation and technology in the waste management field is advancing at light speed. Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of a self-wheeling and talking cart will allow for greater convenience and easier compliance with Strathcona County’s Green Routine waste collection services program.

“When we looked into the technology that was out there for waste management we were blown away,” said R. E. Cycle, the project lead for the new cart system. “How can we claim to be a leader in the field of waste diversion without having these new Wheel-E carts?”

Beginning April 1, Strathcona County will be rolling-out new carts that will bring a personal connection to waste management. The built-in sensors can identify when the wrong materials are placed in the cart, as well as offer sorting suggestions and encouragement when you get it right.

“While we are eager to have this new technology, we are also a little misty-eyed. Once these carts are in place, we fear our Waste Wizard app won’t get any use,” lamented Ms. Cycle. “Who will need to look up where to dispose of something when Wheel-E can tell you instead?”

Wheel-E is also pre-programmed with each resident’s collection schedule and will roll itself to the curb in time to meet the truck on collection day.

You will likely be using your people-powered cart for a while, because today is April 1.  We hope you have enjoyed our April Fool's joke.  

We continue to strive to lead in waste management practices. We hope you’ll check out our new draft Waste Management Roadmap. It outlines a collective, community-wide commitment to rethinking waste and diverting more from landfill.

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