Planning for the next 10 years of waste management

Strathcona County has recently completed residential engagement for developing a Waste Management Roadmap; Managing waste together. Thank you to residents for sharing their priorities and practices with current waste management programs, and thoughts on how to reduce the amount of waste produced and the amount being sent to landfill.

The roadmap outlines a collective, community-wide commitment to rethinking waste and diverting more from landfill. It prioritizes an expanded waste hierarchy: rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and residual, which moves the community towards a circular economy  and leading practices in waste management.  

Waste Roadmap - Executive summary (1.8 MB)

Waste Roadmap (13.3 MB)

Waste Roadmap - Implementation Framework (4.0 MB)

Commercial engagement

Strathcona County also intended on including the commercial sector and other community organizations in the 2020 public engagement, however the COVID-19 pandemic meant this had to be postponed. In 2022 Strathcona County is undertook engagement with the commercial sector through online focus groups and a survey.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our engagement activities.

Pay as you throw

Guided by our Waste Management Roadmap, Strathcona County is starting a journey to change how we think about and manage our waste. 

The Waste Management Roadmap identified a need to update to a more equitable, flexible waste system, providing incentive for reducing waste. ‘Pay as you throw’ is a system where households pay based on the amount of waste they throw away, similar to how other utilities are charged.

Watch this short video for an explanation of how a 'pay as you throw' system works:



Residential engagement

The first series of public engagement, “Talking out the Trash”, focused on the residential sector.

Survey and discussion panels

A review of Strathcona County’s community waste management strategy kicked off in June 2020 with a survey and online discussion panels. Over 2,000 residents participated, and over 300 signed up to be notified about focus group opportunities.

Online focused discussion groups

Online focus groups in September and October explored topics identified during June 2020 engagement: what kinds of targets should be set for Strathcona County’s waste management program; impacts of community waste strategies; and possibilities for a pay as you throw waste management model, similar to the consumption-based models used with gas, electricity and water utilities.

Waste management roadmap survey report (1.2 MB)

Waste management roadmap discussion boards report (425.9 KB)

Waste management roadmap youth engagement report (725.7 KB)

Waste management roadmap online focus groups report (1.2 MB)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our public engagement.

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