County’s proposed budget keeps taxes low while maintaining high service levels

November 3, 2020

County’s proposed budget keeps taxes low while maintaining high service levels

Today the County’s 2021 Multi-year Recommended Budget was released in advance of the upcoming budget deliberations that begin on November 10.

The recommended budget presents the proposed municipal operating and capital budgets to Council for discussion and direction toward a final 2021 budget.

"The recommended budget responds to the COVID-19 situation, keeps property taxes low, and maintains high service levels for our community," says Chief Commissioner Darrell Reid. “It has been developed to deliver on Council priorities in a manner that is efficient, sustainable, and fiscally informed.”

The 2021 recommended consolidated operating budget totals $376.8 million; the capital budget $53.9 million. A 0.81 per cent municipal tax dollar increase is required to fund the recommended budget. The actual increase will be finalized based on Council’s approved 2021 budget and approval of the Tax Rate Bylaw in the spring of 2021. 

“The pandemic has created challenges for the County just as it has for families, businesses and organizations,” explains Darrell Reid. “In these unprecedented times, the County has needed to re-imagine ways to work and deliver services safely, effectively and efficiently, and the recommended 2021 budget reflects this.”

The Chief Commissioner adds, “While we’ve needed to apply the COVID lens to the development of the 2021 Multi-year Recommended Budget, the County is fortunate to have priority-based budgeting and other sound fiscal management strategies that help us adapt and pivot in an advantageous way to a quickly changing world.”

While the County is seeing decreased revenues due to COVID-19, the financial impact is offset through efficiencies, reduced expenses in some areas, and using grant dollars and reserves wisely.

The recommended budget sees stable funding for annual programs such as road, fleet and facility maintenance. It continues progress on projects and developments such as the multi-purpose agricultural facility, North of Yellowhead Servicing, and the waste management roadmap. Direction on the financial commitment toward an indoor multi-use fieldhouse and community broadband will also be considered as part of 2021 budget discussions.

Examples of efficiencies include increased collaboration in service delivery and infrastructure solutions, and the adoption of new technologies.

The recommended budget also supports a coordinated focus for diversity and inclusion initiatives, and efforts to support affordable housing and community mental health and wellness.

County residents are invited to watch the live webcasts of the budget meeting, or the recorded webcasts. The budget meeting starts on November 10. Check the Agenda, packages, minutes and webcasts page for all dates and budget information updates.

The Strathcona County 2021 Multi-year Recommended Budget is found at Questions about the budget meetings can be directed to Residents are also encouraged to reach out to any member of Council.


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