Food rescue and organic waste diversion pilot launches

June 6, 2024

Food rescue and organic waste diversion pilot launches

Strathcona County, along with Circular Innovation Council, are pleased to announce the launch of a new institutional, commercial, and industrial food rescue and organic waste diversion pilot, with collection beginning June 7, 2024. The Circular Innovation Council is a national, not-for-profit organization that delivers programming to educate and empower Canadians to take action on the circular economy, to retain and recover as much value as possible from resources. 

Building on the success of its internationally recognized pilot project in Ontario’s Guelph-Wellington County, this program improves commercial organic waste collection efficiency and affordability, while creating a circular solution for food waste that delivers social, environmental, and economic benefits.

"We heard from our community, both residents and our commercial sector, that they look forward to a more robust waste management system,” says Mayor Rod Frank. “We are excited to see several businesses step forward to champion this pilot. Their efforts will provide safe and nutritious food to those who need it, while reducing environmental impacts associated with food waste."

Strathcona County and Circular Innovation Council are partnering with local organizations AltRoot Composting, Leftovers Foundation, and Green for Life (GFL) Environmental to help realize the project. Telus is also supporting the pilot with innovative sensor technology to capture real-time organic waste data. As the host community for the pilot, Strathcona County aims to learn how the consolidated and shared collection model can help meet the County’s waste diversion and emission reduction objectives.

Businesses participating in the pilot are the Sherwood Park Mall, A&W Baseline Road, Roasti Coffee Co., Joeys Seafood, Rosies in the Park, Everyday Food Co. and Sobeys Nottingham. These businesses receive:

  • Free collection of surplus food for donation to local community service agencies
  • 50% trial discount on composting collection fees
  •  Free kitchen bins and compostable bags
  • Guidelines and posters for easy staff training
  • Free promotional and marketing materials

"At Sherwood Park Mall, we are committed to enhancing our community's environmental health and sustainability,” says Dan Fraser, General Manager, Sherwood Park Mall. “Participating in this program aligns perfectly with our vision of responsible waste management and our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint. We are proud to be part of an initiative that supports waste diversion efforts, benefiting both our local community and the planet.”

These businesses have the chance to influence the development of future diversion strategies, incentives and regulatory requirements for the commercial sector in Strathcona County. At the end of the pilot, participating businesses will be invited to continue with a commercial membership, based on the lowest price negotiated for members.

The pilot program will run from June to November 2024, with on-going recruitment throughout the summer. Businesses of all sizes and sectors are invited to participate, including grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, catering services, long-term care, shopping complexes, offices and more.

For more information or to register to participate, businesses can visit



For media inquiries please contact:
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Commercial Food Waste Pilot Lead
Circular Innovation Council

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