Rewarding youth for positive behaviour: Strathcona County’s Positive Ticket campaign

June 6, 2024

Rewarding youth for positive behaviour: Strathcona County’s Positive Ticket campaign

Strathcona County Enforcement Services (EFS) is ticketing teens and kids—but not for what you may think. Rather, EFS is rewarding teens and children for their safe behaviour and the ways they contribute to our community, like wearing a helmet, helping someone cross at a crosswalk or being a good neighbour.

“The Positive Ticket campaign reinforces behaviours that support community safety and well-being and builds relationships between youth and officers,” says Tom Sutton, Director of RCMP and Enforcement Services. “The program is about more than avoiding negative behaviour; it’s about building relationships and making a lasting, positive impact in the community.”

When EFS officers witness youth following the law or performing good deeds, they issue “positive tickets.” These tickets serve as tokens of appreciation and recognition for positive behaviour and can be redeemed for a reward at the local RCMP detachment. Positive and safe behaviour includes a wide range of actions such as crossing safely at pedestrian crosswalks, following the law and doing something positive in the community.

“Positive interactions between law enforcement and youth builds trust and understanding, and it is our responsibility to initiate these connections with our community,” says Inspector Vito DiSciglio, Manager of Enforcement Services. “Preventing accidents and injuries is a top priority and by celebrating good behaviour, we create a safer, more connected community.”

Residents are encouraged to share positive behaviour and positive ticket moments with EFS and Strathcona County using the hashtag #PositiveTickets. Each positive ticket can be exchanged for a reward at the RCMP and Enforcement Services Detachment at 911 Bison Way in Sherwood Park.

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Contact: Strathcona County Communications, 780-410-6595