Gallery@501 presents new exhibits on Indigenous identity and healing through art

August 14, 2023

Gallery@501 presents new exhibits on Indigenous identity and healing through art

Strathcona County is pleased to present two new exhibitions by Canadian artists this fall. “Ni’kmaq - My Family” features artwork by Nelson White from St. John’s, Newfoundland. “Resilience” features artwork by Margaret Witschl from Edmonton, Alberta and Delio Delgado from Hamilton, Ontario. The exhibits open at Gallery@501 on August 22 and show until October 7, 2023.

Discover "Ni’kmaq - My Family,” an extraordinary exhibition featuring powerful portrait paintings that delve into Indigenous identity, family and community. Nelson White, a talented Mi’kmaq artist and member of the Flat Bay First Nation Band (No’kmaq Village) in Flat Bay, Newfoundland, shares stories of the strong bonds formed within extended families and communities, forming networks beyond the traditional “nuclear family.” White presents a contemporary perspective of Indigenous art, inviting viewers to expand their understanding of what it means to be Indigenous today.

Witness the profound impact of healing through art in the “Resilience” exhibit. Margaret Witschl’s paintings serve as her navigational tool for supporting her own mental well-being amidst life’s challenges. Through relatable symbols and imagery, she confronts anxieties about unpredictable events, uncertainties and health impacts, inspiring others on their own mental health journey.

Delio Delgado’s large-scale abstract paintings provide a glimpse into his reflections on mortality and healing. Having faced a potentially terminal illness and isolation, Delgado’s art embodies recovery and resilience. His use of collaged layers, featuring maps, geometric shapes, and expressive colours serves as a profound exploration of finding direction and meaning in his physical health journey.

The public is invited to join the exhibiting artists at a special artist talk and reception on Friday, September 8 at 6:30 p.m. at Gallery@501. This event and admission to the gallery is free.

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