County inviting non-profit partner to help enhance supports and services for seniors

March 29, 2022

County inviting non-profit partner to help enhance supports and services for seniors

Strathcona County is inviting eligible non-profits who serve seniors to submit a proposal to partner with the County to enhance senior supports and services in the community. The invitation to apply is the next step in Strathcona County’s Seniors Supports and Services Project work to ensure seniors are supported throughout the community.

Strathcona County has a strong social sector, yet it is incomplete. Over the past year, the Seniors Supports and Services Project’s research and community engagement identified three priority actions to best support local older adults: establishing a non-profit to serve seniors in the County, supporting dedicated senior spaces and enhancing seniors supports and services across the County.

There is a clear need for a robust organization with a broad mandate to advocate, coordinate, support and provide programming and connection opportunities for seniors on a regular basis. Strathcona County looks forward to working with the successful senior-serving non-profit to enhance service delivery, support collaborative solutions and leverage community partners’ areas of expertise.

The invitation to apply provides an opportunity for eligible non-profit, senior-serving organizations to submit a proposal to:

  • Provide a hub of services for older adults, including opportunities to connect, engage and access information, supports and programming.
  • Align services with community need and the strategic objectives of Strathcona County.

Beginning in 2022, Strathcona County will invest $200,000 annually, for the next three years, to support start up and operations of the successful non-profit senior-serving organization applicant. After the first 12 months of operations, an evaluation and project report will be presented to Strathcona County Council.

The application deadline is April 29, 2022. For more information, including the application details, visit or call 780-416-6776.


Contact: Strathcona County Communications, 780-410-6595