Stay safe: beware of thin ice

March 25, 2022

Stay safe: beware of thin ice

As a result of the warmer temperatures, a significant amount of melting is affecting the strength of the ice on bodies of water in Strathcona County.

Ice strength is affected by many factors including air temperature, road runoff, springs that feed into the water body, sun, wind, snow and overall thickness of the ice.

As a reminder, ice on stormwater facilities is unstable and unsafe for any activity, including walking or skating. Obey all posted signs, and for your safety, keep off the dangerous stormwater facility ice. While they may look like natural ponds, they contain moving water throughout the year, which can lead to unknown, unpredictable, and dangerous ice conditions. The strength of ice cannot be judged by appearance alone. While it may appear thick in some areas, other areas may have little to no ice, and there are generally no visible surface indications of unsafe conditions.  

Ice safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please remind your family and friends to obey all posted signs, play safe, and keep off the ice. If an individual or animal falls through the ice, don't go on the ice and try to pull them out, you may fall in too. Get help fast by calling out for help and calling 9-1-1. Emergency Services has a specialized Water Rescue Team trained for ice rescue.

County outdoor rinks and skating pathways have closed for the season. Visit for other fun options to keep active.

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Contact: Strathcona County Communications, 780-410-6595