Community leaders sign groundbreaking protocol to support resident safety

March 17, 2022

Community leaders sign groundbreaking protocol to support resident safety

Leaders from across Strathcona County gathered in council chambers on March 16 to sign the Violence, Trauma and Suicide Prevention (VTSP) Protocol, committing to work together to support resident safety.

The first of its kind in North America, the protocol outlines practical steps for the County, RCMP, schools and other local and provincial partners to take during a community event involving violence, trauma or suicide. The protocol guides leaders on how to work together, share information, assess community impact and support residents.

“Every resident deserves to feel safe and well. By signing the protocol, we can work with our partners in new ways to create that stronger, safer community. We’re proud to lead the way across Canada in this work,” says Strathcona County Mayor Rod Frank.

The VTSP Protocol is built on the understanding that violence or trauma affects people directly involved and can also ripple out, causing harm to families, schools or an entire community. Unlike previous work in this area, the protocol looks at that ripple effect and supports both those directly affected and the broader County community.

Representatives from Strathcona County, the RCMP, both local school divisions, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Children’s Services and 10 other organizations signed the protocol. The signing comes after months of planning between these partners, who recognized the need to work together to better protect the community.

“In my role, I see firsthand how violence causes trauma, and how that trauma can lead to more violent events. It’s a harmful cycle. Working with community partners allows us to disrupt that cycle and support the safety and well-being of our residents,” says Dale Kendall, RCMP superintendent with the County.

The protocol also guides how to proactively look for warning signs of these events and intervene in potentially dangerous situations.

“The safety and well-being of students and staff is our first priority,” says Mark Liguori, superintendent, Elk Island Public Schools. “By working collaboratively on the protocol, we can help ensure our community is safe and supportive for students, their families and others.”

This groundbreaking work will allow organizations across the County to draw on one another’s unique strengths to improve quality of life for all residents.

"It’s the collaborative nature of the organizations in Strathcona County that have allowed this one-of-a-kind protocol to come to life, and it could not have come at a better time,” says Paul Corrigan, superintendent, Elk Island Catholic Schools. “We are grateful to our partners who have joined together to support the well-being of our community."


The Violence Trauma and Suicide Prevention Protocol was signed by:

Core members

  • AHS – Children, Youth and Families, Addiction and Mental Health
  • AHS – Intensive and Urgent Services
  • Alberta Children’s Services
  • Elk Island Catholic Schools
  • Elk Island Public Schools
  • North American Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response
  • Sherwood Park – Strathcona County Primary Care Network
  • Strathcona County
  • Strathcona County RCMP

Community partners

  • Boys & Girls Club Strathcona County
  • Heartland Alliance Church
  • New Horizons School
  • Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Society
  • Robin Hood Association
  • SAFFRON Centre Ltd.
  • Strathcona County Library
  • Strathcona Shelter Society Ltd. A Safe Place

For pictures and footage from the event, click here.


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