County reinforces safety with zero tolerance policy for non-compliant behaviour

September 15, 2021

County reinforces safety with zero tolerance policy for non-compliant behaviour

As part of Strathcona County’s commitment to safety, for both guests and staff, the County has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to masking non-compliance.

Masking is mandatory in all public indoor facilities and transit. All persons must wear a mask at all times when attending an indoor public place unless actively engaged in physical activity, under the age of two years, or medically exempted.

The masking requirement is not open to personal preference and disrespectful conduct will not be tolerated. Strathcona County staff will provide a mask if a guest does not have one. Non-compliance will result in enforcement authorities being called, which may result in facility/transit ridership privileges being revoked. Proof of medical exemption may be requested by authorized enforcement authorities. Failure to wear a mask, as required under the County bylaw, may result in a fine of $100.

“Our community’s resiliency is being tested as we deal with the impacts of COVID-19,” says Chief Commissioner Darrell Reid. “Our staff are renowned for their professionalism and exceptional guest relations — but this is not be taken advantage of. While the majority of our guests are respectful and kind, staff have the municipality’s full support to engage enforcement authorities when the health and safety of our staff or others is impacted by those choosing to not wear a mandated mask.”

Onsite facility signage will reinforce Strathcona County’s zero tolerance approach to masking non-compliance.



Contact: Strathcona County Communications, 780-410-6595