Strathcona County makes the honour roll with its 2020 public satisfaction report

May 18, 2021

Strathcona County makes the honour roll with its 2020 public satisfaction report

Strathcona County gets outstanding approval for its emergency services and quality of life

May 17, 2021 (Strathcona County, Alberta) – Strathcona County’s Public Satisfaction Survey results are in and residents are giving the municipality high marks. 92 per cent said that they were happy with the County’s emergency services. For quality of life, 81 per cent of residents said Strathcona County was a great place to retire and 93 per cent said the County was a great place to raise a family.

Of note, Strathcona County’s public satisfaction for being a good place to retire has increased by eight per cent, increasing from 73 per cent to 81 per cent over the past year.

“We are glad to report that Strathcona County is moving towards its vision of becoming Canada’s most liveable city. Public satisfaction is a key measure to evaluate governance and administration performance, and we are extremely pleased with these outstanding results. For example, I am happy to say that our residents approve so highly of our emergency services. It is extremely important to the County that our residents feel safe and cared for in the event of an emergency. Approval rating of 94 per cent as a place to raise children and 91.5 per cent as a place to live are extremely gratifying,” says Strathcona County Mayor Rod Frank. “Strathcona County prides itself on becoming the most liveable community in Canada. We are excited to receive such high approval ratings from our citizens that we are achieving our goals of being a great place to live, raise a family and retire. We look forward to continuing to improve satisfaction rates as we grow.”

Strathcona County conducts its annual survey to gain the best understanding of its residents’ opinions and feedback regarding municipal services and initiatives. Each year the County can increase its understanding and improve services based off this invaluable feedback. By comparing past results, Strathcona County can identify trends, areas of improvement and areas of success.

Read the full survey results.

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