Gallery@501 focuses on our common humanity in a new exhibition

October 7, 2021

Gallery@501 focuses on our common humanity in a new exhibition

The public is invited to visit and reflect on a new exhibit at Gallery@501 titled “...bring a folding chair”, on display from October 9 - 30, 2021. This exhibit, inspired by Black History Month, recognizes the significant on-going contributions Black Canadian artists make in Alberta.

This exhibit features the artwork of AJA Louden, Elsa Robinson, Braxton Garneau and Fetsum Teclemariam. With artworks exploring history, heritage and contemporary concerns, these artists bring this exhibition to the table of Canadian and Albertan society and give voice to our common humanity.

The exhibition “...bring a folding chair” was curated by Shane Golby and organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Travelling Exhibition Program. The Travelling Exhibition program is supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Though people of African and Caribbean heritage have lived in the territory now known as Canada since the earliest days of colonization, their inclusion in the political, economic, social and cultural landscapes of the country has been limited. Visual arts have been one realm where Black Canadians have been historically under-represented.

Over the past two decades, this narrative has slowly begun to change. In 1996, the Government of Canada declared February Black History Month. A decade later, Alberta became the fourth province in Canada to officially recognize this observance. Black History Month provides an opportunity for people to gain insight into the experiences of Black Canadians and Albertans and the vital role they have played throughout history and continue to play today. Black History Month creates the space and on-going daily invitation to examine the issues Black people face in Canadian / Albertan communities and invites all citizens to take steps to end racism and create inclusive environments every day.

Admission to the gallery is free. Please note COVID-19 health mandates are in effect; masking and proof of vaccination are required to visit Gallery@501.

Residents can visit to view a list of upcoming exhibits, resources for artists or to sign up for Gallery@501 e-news. Through virtual and in-person programs, artist talks, social media engagement, and multi-sensory exhibit experiences, Gallery@501 continues to support, inspire and grow a love of the arts while providing a welcoming space for all.

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