Engagement completed for Animal Control bylaw review

January 27, 2021

Engagement completed for Animal Control bylaw review

Public engagement on livestock ownership has been completed, and Strathcona County will now finalize a proposed new bylaw to replace the animal control and apiculture (honeybee) bylaws.

The proposed bylaw will address resident needs while protecting health, safety, the environment and economy. A focus on responsible livestock ownership will minimize disease risk and support animal welfare, land stewardship and opportunities for agriculture, while balancing the expectations of rural living, neighbour relations and community.

Results of rural resident engagement were presented to Council on Tuesday, January 26. Rural residents, including acreage owners and large and small agricultural producers, participated in a summer 2020 survey and in October 2020 focus groups. Common themes included the peace and quiet of rural living, and a country lifestyle providing an ability to have livestock. Concerns included animal noise, manure smells and reducing disease risk. Residents said they would want clear communication to ensure they understand the new bylaw and its criteria.

A review of the bylaws began in 2016 as part of the Urban Agriculture Strategy development, and has been informed by extensive research, experts, residents and stakeholders. The proposed bylaw is expected to go to Council for approval in late second quarter of 2021. The bylaw is anticipated to come into effect six to eight months after the bylaw is approved.

Considerations informing the proposed new bylaw will include: 

  • Resident feedback
  • Legislative requirements 
  • Land stewardship 
  • Public health 
  • Animal health 
  • Disease risk 
  • Food security 
  • Commercial producers and access to markets 
  • Municipal obligations under provincial legislation 

Animal Control Bylaw 18-2011 regulates the ownership of domesticated livestock and poultry species within the County. Apiculture Bylaw 43-2011 regulates the ownership of domesticated honeybees within the County.

More information, including engagement results: strathcona.ca/animalbylaw


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